The Nora Lee Et Al Team

Nora Lee, Principal

Et Al

Selected Testimonials

Nora has helped me as a writer in two ways. First, after I had struggled for weeks with an article on the history of a nonprofit organization, her editing smoothed out the rough edges and made the story easily understood by the general public. Second, her persistent coaching encouraged and empowered me to begin writing my life's work. Nora is a real treasure.

Dr. Julia Byers
Art Therapy Coordinator
Lesley University

Nora and Matthew are both accomplished editors. They take good prose and make it great prose, and their contributions to our published materials and website have been a lifesaver!

Randy Christopher, Executive Director
The Peace & Justice Academy

Nora and Matthew did a comprehensive edit on my first tween novel. They straightened out the mechanical issues that had crept in during my own multiple rewrites. More importantly, they gave me great advice on story and character development, and provided the support I needed at the time. Over the years, Nora has also been a willing sounding board during the creative process.

Obie Scott Wade
ObieCo Entertainment