Here are some other members of the Nora Lee Et Al team:


Matthew C. Lee

Matthew C. Lee, PhD has worked as an editor, writer, and researcher for over 30 years.  His red marks can be found in books on film history, American urban development, cinematography methods, and institutional characteristics, and on periodicals such as The Ezone, The Basix, and Social Science History.  In 2004, he edited the book The Mom Factor:  What Really Drives Where We Shop, Eat, and Play.  Matthew helped design and write a series of interactive exhibits for an unrealized Time Warner brand museum in Manhattan.  And his publications include works on the psychological stress of schoolteachers, 19th-century labor history, and American denominational responses to the atomic bomb. Matthew is also principal of Lee Consulting, a firm that specializes in strategic planning, institutional effectiveness, and accreditation for higher education and other organizations.


Judy Wolfram

Judy Wolfram

Judy Wolfram provides our clients with the best possible state-of-the-art research in just about any area. Social science, virtual reality, the museum market, religion, interactive entertainment, medicine, edutainment and cinema are just a few of the subjects she has delved into over the years. She is as good in a real library as she is online and knows the importance of footnotes and endnotes. You can trust her to track your facts with the proper attributions.

Judy also is a graphic designer and a writer in her own right. She wrote and researched columns and stories for The Basix, The EZone, WordWrights, Esgate and Associates and WQED/Pittsburgh. She also edited and designed a self-published book, Leader of the Band and Other Stories of My Life, by Charles F. Stephens.

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